☆☆☆☆☆ Yelp Review:

"Ok, so like most other people, I thought chiropractors were not real doctors, and they were only part of the process when you're in an automobile collision..... How wrong was I, and shame on me for such impressions!!

I was introduced to Dr. Bradley by a friend of mine. Most recently, I was in an auto collision and was having so much pain in my neck and ribs. I've been going to Dr. Bradley for about 2 months now. The waterbed massage table is awesome. The front desk staff is awesome. Kylie and Jess are so sweet when I show up all grumpy because I drove 30+ miles in all that blasted traffic and battling muscle spasms the whole way.

Dr. Bradley is great in my opinion. I have good days and I have bad days - like the old saying goes: "Rome was not built in a day" - but hey, try it for yourself..... you will feel a difference."

-- Lisa M.

☆☆☆☆☆ In-Office Patient Testimonial:

"On the morning of my 44th birthday, while sitting at my desk I began to yawn. At that exact moment, a co-worker called my name on my right side and while yawning I turned my head to acknowledge them. When I did, a sharp pain shot across the underside of my chin, across my left jaw, and up behind my left ear. By lunch I was having some trouble chewing on my left side because my upper lip felt a little funny. By afternoon, I couldn't drink out of a straw. That was on a Monday. By the next day, people were starting to notice something was wrong because my left eye became affected. By Wednesday, my speech was becoming affected to the point that people were really starting to notice, and I couldn't close my left eye. On Thursday morning I called Dr. Bradley's office or an appointment and was able to get in that afternoon. I started seeing him twice a week, and started acupuncture on the 5th or 6th visit. I have been a chiropractic patient since the day I was born. I was raised with chiropractic as the first choice for any ailment. I truly believe in the innate abilities that out body has to heal itself if we allow it the opportunity to do so. Dr. Bradley's treatments allowed my body to work the way it is supposed to and therefore I feel that I've had a complete recovery. I believe that regular chiropractic care has kept me healthier than most for my entire life. I suggest chiropractic care to anyone who will listen."

- Robin